1. CMS pages added into the app

2.Cart data saved into local database of app for anonymous user (Front End)

3.Crashlytics added into app .

4.Login with facebook implementation .

5. Alert added on add to cart (PDP) .


6. Change animation of full image and issue of full image showing half in case of more than one image .


 7. Cart item should be in order when it is added – Cart Page .


8. Issues of Proceed before completing the shopping alert while adding to cart .

9. Issue of Add on cart

10. Change the logic of lazy loading as in Mofluid (full implementation of lazy loading)in Product List page .

11. Remove Arrow button from category if it has no child – Category .


12. Remove pull to refresh – Product List .

13. If product is already in cart It shoud show alert ( Product is already in Cart ) -PDP .

14. Lag issue in PDP (While going from product list to PDP) .

15. Payment method like COD/Paypal even when disabled from back-end is displayed on the app .

16. In Cart page it should ask to delete before deleting (alert added) .

17. Check out as a guest page button are not aligned .


18. UI issue of drop down country and state button in Shipping Address page .

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